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Ric Hawkes - a brief biography

Having graduated with a first class honours Degree in Fine Art and 3 Dimensional Design, Ric began his professional career as a photographer within the advertising business.  He combined studio work with locations and eventually carved himself a niche as one of London's top car photographers, working via the most successful of advertising agencies and winning awards for such clients as:  BMW, Mercedes, Renault and Bentley. During this time in his career, Ric developed a love of the moving image and began to combine TV commercials with his stills work. He worked alongside several large production companies and gradually moved away from stills, focusing his passion specifically on directing, which allowed him to vary his subject matter – something which remains to the present day.

Ric has shot hair and beauty commercials, people and performance, children, cars, large location shoots globally and even food and beer.  This diversity has brought him into contact with numerous large, corporate companies and within RicandJo he has shot films for Proctor and Gamble, Unilever, Intercontinental Hotels, Johnson and Johnson, BAA, and many others including Qatari Rail. His style is relaxed yet professional and his easy outgoing approach allows him to elicit good performances from the most reluctant of subjects.

When working within the corporate centre, the majority of people in the films are not professional actors. This is never an issue for Ric as his ability to allow them to relax in front of the camera is what gives his interpretation of this type of work a natural and unforced feel.  The work produced for such clients as the Compass Group and Levy Restaurant, illustrate and reflect this simple yet powerful approach well. The projects are informative and factual - but most importantly, they have a warmth. One of his most recent works was for Q Rail shot in Doha on location, a highly successful film highlighting the endeavours of Q Rail and celebrating the Qatari national day.

Jo Scrase Dickins - a brief biography

Jo's career started with Jardines Wines and Spirits in Hong Kong where she cut her teeth working with some of the biggest commercial clients in the world. From there, she worked  for Tim Delaney, Creative Director at Leagas Delaney – the only British citizen to be inducted into the American advertising hall of fame.   Tim was a very particular and demanding man to work for and subsequently – with.

Jo decided to use her not inconsiderable people skills to a different end and went into TV production. She has developed her fantastic ability for organisation by learning from the bottom up. She started as a production assistant, then production manager and then, using her confidence became a producer at some of the most successful London based production companies - Jo is living proof that hard work pays off. Using her capacity as a producer for such companies as Hungry Eye, Challenge and Limelight she worked for directors with such standing and reputation as John Lloyd, Andy Morahan, Martin Campbell, Steve Barron and Jean Baptiste Mondino.

Jo then took the leap towards independent production, teamed up with Ric Hawkes in 2000 and since then has continued her quest for a successful and respectable service. The idea was, and still is to move forward, embrace new technology but retain and maintain traditional production values. Jo is tenacious in business, but also fair and appreciative. She commands a loyal crew and is highly respected by all who work with her. Her knowledge and experience precede her and her connections both within the business and peripherally are legendary, she gets things done.

Combine the two profiles above, and there you have it: ricandjo.tv


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Ric Hawkes (Director) and Jo Scrase Dickins (Producer, have run ricandjo.tv since 1999...

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